The Smartest Business Ideas

Smartes Bussiness Ideas

Have you ever seen the countless “I Am Rich” Apps?

Basically when you pay and download, it’ll show a picture of a ruby, and sit on your phone to show your status.

Likely, you’ve come across the large amount of answers on Quora criticising and making fun of the application, saying that the Developer is just a untalented lazy person that’s getting free money.

Not even close: The developer puts the app up for a few months as free, then when a few thousand people have downloaded it then he’ll put it up to the highest price he can.

The bait’s on the lure, now he just needs to wait…

In school there’s always that guy that got held back 3 years, and isn’t the best at judgement. Once he wants to flex, he’ll spend half his college savings on buying this useless app after being encouraged by the large amount of downloads and good reviews. So everyone wins! He buys an app to show off his status, a bunch of the early downloaders can show the app off without paying a cent, and the Dev? He get’s all the ad and purchase money, but that’s not even the best bit! Then there are all the countless answers on Quora talking about the app – free advertising!

So that, ladies and gentlemen: Is the best business idea.

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