The Most Profitable Little Business

The Most Profitable Little Business

It’s a great time to start a startup today. With the tech, e-commerce, finance, and freelance industries booming, it’s best to get into these industries while it’s hot. In addition, having the internet accessible and free makes it easier to start your own small business.

While it would still take good business sense and effort to keep your business afloat, the following businesses are generally profitable due to its demand. Here is a variety of profitable small business across industries that you can start today.


With its consistent service demand and low overhead costs, the industry has become one of the fastest-growing industries over the last few years. With an 18.3% average net profit, the industry offers plenty of chances for gain and remains a good industry for business growth due to its demand. While it is a challenge to employ top-notch accountants, these kinds of professionals often demand higher rates thus also increasing an accounting firm’s revenue.

Legal Services

Spanning multiple personal and professional areas, legal services are a necessary part of a business. With almost everyone needing legal services, the demand is constantly there. In addition, the service takes quite an amount of money, especially when hiring good and experienced lawyers or premium services. Services you can offer include: criminal law, business law, family law, trusts and estates, and employment law among many others. The possible downside of the business is the time and money needed to establish the business due to the amount of training and education required.


In recent years, the demand for web copy has risen increasing the need for skilled writing professionals. Mostly for marketing and advertising agencies, services include web content, blog posts, email marketing, and social media ads. Unlike the first two businesses, this is a cheaper business to launch because you would not need to invest in a commercial space as most copywriters can work at home.

Personal Fitness

Due to the industry’s naturally low overhead, personal training businesses are a profitable and in-demand business. Due to the industry’s high competition, a common problem faced by these kinds of business is building and maintaining its clients. Despite this, it is much easier to start a fitness centre because earning a qualification in personal training is not expensive and allows you to also offer physical therapy services.

Dental Offices

With a 14.1% average net profit margin, the dental industry offers plenty of opportunities for dental specialists. Dental procedures are often expensive thus generating higher revenues. A possible downside is that the business is not for everyone. You would need to have a bachelor’s degree and a doctorate in dentistry. Equipment can also be expensive with the chairs costing an average of $3,000 (~£2,258.01) or more.

Graphics and Website Design

We are in a time where visual content boosts a business’ marketing and sales. Visual content is easier to digest for consumers thus most businesses use it to grab the consumers’ attention. Graphics services include: logo design, banner design, brochures, infographics, and more. As for website design, the low expenses and high rates make. If you’re thinking of creating your own web services, here are some tips to create your dream web team.

IT Support

As more and more businesses rely on IT to run or use the digital media to market, IT support services, such as web developers, will not be out of business. However, it is a competitive industry thus it is recommended to have a good marketing strategy to get your business noticed.

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