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man in late 40s finds new success in business

编辑: 来源: 2020-08-29 15:07:07

  by liu yukun, wang jian, and li xueqing |

  updated:aug 27,2020

  a boy grins while playing on a swing at arecreational facility in changshui village in east china's jiangxi province. [photo by weixiaohao/]

  how many people in their late 40s could give up a decent and well-paid job at a local bureau to start a new business? veteran lu xianrong, located in changshui village of jiangxi province, is one of the few whohave.

  retired from the army in 2018, lu passed up a job opportunity arranged through preferential policies for soldiers, and decided to start a restaurant and homestay business after discussions withfamily.

  my family was very supportive. we saw big opportunities from local government's promotion of nature-based tourism, so we were very optimistic about the industry's future and wanted to ride the wave, lusaid.

  we started planning the business in 2019 with two of my brothers and a sister. we invested over 1 million into it. the local government helped us with the exterior decoration, lusaid.

  lu started running the restaurant and homestay business inapril.

  it has gone well so far. on normal days there are about 50 people eating in our restaurant per day. during the may day holiday there were 100 customers eating per day on average, lusaid.

  tourists carefully cross over the water on a bridge made of suspended logs in changshui village in east china's jiangxi province.[photo by weixiaohao/]

  we earn about 50,000 to 60,000 yuan per month and the number is still increasing, luadded.

  lu said the success of his restaurant and homestay business has relied heavily on the local government's promotion of nature-basedtourism.

  since 2004, the government in changshui has rolled out a series of measures to protect the environment, including investing about 50 million yuan ($7.25 million) to renovate public restrooms, parking lots and many other forms ofinfrastructure.

  it was a different landscape before 2004. you could barely see trees in the village or surrounding areas, but only bushes and shrubs because local villagers bet on cutting trees and selling them to make a living, said yu diewen, an official with changshuivillage.

  lu's family was among the first group of people to answer the government's call for environmental protection. a good environment can bring us much more than money from cutting trees and will benefit multiple generations, lusaid.

  tourists take a selfiein changshui village in jiangxi province. [photo by weixiaohao/]