How to Make $2,000 per Week with Just Laptop

How to Make $2,000 per Week with Just Laptop

In my opinion, a very RELIABLE way to make $5,000 or more, per month is by selling on Amazon…

Now why is it reliable?

Simply put, you can reverse engineer the entire process and look at the DATAbefore investing any money

Let me explain a bit more though

You can strategically pick products that will be winners and stay away from the products that will be more “risky”

When you do that properly things start to add up quickly

So to get to $1,000 to $5,000 per month, you could look at it like this :

  • Sell 200 units of one product at a $5 profit per unit = $1k/ month
  • Sell 500 units of two different products at $5 profit per unit = $5k/ month

I like to break it down like that since its easier to think about…

Its no longer some crazy complex thing. Just find a good product to sell and make sure you can sell 200 to 500 units per month

Now your probably thinking :

“thats great and all but how the fuck do I find a product to sell for myself?!”

Lol, okay… Let me break down the process of finding a simple product that sells at least 500 units per month

First you want to look for products that fit within the ideal product criteria

This will make it “easier” to get your first product sourced, launched, shipped, and will leave the most room for profit

Remember, all we have to do is profit $5 per unit, which is very realistic

Here are the ideal factors for your first product :

So now that you know what to look for….

You want to find a product that is ALREADY selling well

Not what you think will sell

Not what you personally like or use

Its all about looking at the data on Amazon to see if the product is already selling, then looking at the overall market to see if you could sell something similar

When you do it this way, you aren’t guessing or hoping that your product will do well. You can see if you will be able to compete and you can predict how much money you are going to make… before really investing anything ( you could invest in $40 software that would help you pick the right product but don’t have to )

“my guy, I’m still wondering how to find these products!”

I know, I know! Im trying to break it all down lol

So, you would want to then search through Amazon with those ideal factors to see what products FIT within them

You can do this with software like Jungle Scout or Viral Launch

Or… you can do it the free way, and poke around Amazon with the free AMZ Scout profit calculator

To save time, I’ll show you how to use Jungle Scout to find them

You can set up the product database with the above filters to only show the products that FIT within our ideal factors

I know its kinda small so, here is the filter set :

  • Category – Kitchen & Home ( you could choose any one )
  • Product Tier – Standard ( remember, small & light weight )
  • Filters
    • Price – $12 – $50
    • Max Reviews – 200 ( so we can easily compete, but more on that later )
    • Minimum Sales Per Month – 500 (so we KNOW people are already buying)
    • Maximum Sales Per Month – 1500 ( so we can easily compete, and all we need to hit our goal is 500 units per month )
    • Max Weight – 2lbs ( again, small & light weight )

Then it will search through Amazon and find the exact products you’re looking for. No need to waste time wondering if the product is going to sell

Next you need to check over the results to see which ones will be the best products to sell for yourself…

After looking at the results, this product stood out to me :

It’s a portable AC vent hose…

Now this isn’t the product people will tell you to sell right?

They aren’t coffee mugs, fidget spinners, dog necklaces, etc…

I think that’s perfect!

But let me break down the numbers of just this specific product :

  • Selling Price – $19.89
  • Sales Per Month – 1,257
  • Revenue Per Month – $25,001.73

Okay, cool… this is fitting within our criteria so far

But lets take a look at the overall market to see if we can compete with the other people selling on Amazon

To do this, you want to search the main keyword for the product

For this example, it would be “portable ac vent” or “portable ac vent hose”

Here are the search results on Amazon :

I then ran the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension to look at the DATA of the products on the first page of the search

As you can see, all the products on the first page are selling well and have a low review count…

So you want to ask yourself a couple questions :

Can I compete with the other products? – with the super low reviews, the answer is yes. It would be a lot easier to compete with compared to products with thousands of reviews

Once my product is on the first page, how much money will I make?

So lets break down that second question in greater detail…

After quickly searching around on Alibaba, it looks like we could source the product for anywhere from $1 – $5

Now, this is where a lot of people stop… I think you should take it one step further and check to see if you can source it in the US. This will help you stand out and the harder it is to source the product the better for you. Most other people will stop when they fit the first obstacle and give up… Just put in a littlebit more effort than everyone else and it will make a world of a difference

To do that, you could use Thomasnet to find those US based suppliers. This would help could down on the lead time and make things a bit more simple. Not every product will work if you are sourcing in the US… but its definitely work checking

Now to keep things simple, lets just use the high end pricing from Alibaba

So our cost per unit would be $5

We can calculate the profit per unit by using the FBA calculator on a very similar product. Here is what that looks like :

Okay, now we know that our profit per unit is $6.68

Again, to keep things very simple, we could take the average sales per month of the products on the first page of the search

That would be 765 ( you can see that in the top left hand corner of the Jungle Scout chrome extension above )

So we could estimate that our product would make $5,110.2

And thats using a high cost of goods and rough average of the monthly sales

Using those same numbers… The product we originally found that is selling 1,257 is making around $8,396

That’s why in the beginning I said this is a reliable why to make money

Now for anyone who’s thinking :

“but, wait… wait.. what if your product doesn’t sell!! What are you doing to do!!”

If you properly look at the numbers like we just broke down, that won’t happen BUT… lets just say everything goes wrong

You could mark the product the product down to break even and sell your inventory

You wouldn’t make any money but you wouldn’t be out any money either

Now the ONLY problem with this product is that its seasonal. Which kinda stinks. You can check out the sales history of any product with the Keepa Chrome Extension

But, if you timed it right, you could definitely profitably sell this product

As you can see, the sales are better in the summer vs the winter

That was kinda long and I said I would keep it short lol…

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