Good Marketing Strategies for A Small Business

good marketing strategies for a small business?

He clicked send and 1 million people flooded their website over the course of the next week. The servers crashed twice from the load. Their hosting company was demanding they upgrade their plan.

His boss looked on in awe. They’d never had this kind of response to their campaigns before – they were posting record numbers.

Says no small business owner ever because makreting isn’t a result of a magic button.

There are truly only two things you need to get right for your marketing to work. Everything else can be forgiven.

  • A not quite ready product can be forgiven.
  • Messaging that’s not quite right can be forgiven.
  • Messing up an order can be forgiven.

The following two can’t be forgiven.

1. Choose one distribution channel and crush it.

Businesses don’t fail because they don’t have a good product. Not usually anyways. They fail because they can’t get their good product into the hands of the right people.

There’s a lot of noise on the internet. They tell you to get on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Search Engines, etc etc. They also say to do it all at once.

That will kill you before you even start.

When you think of Facebook today, you probably imagine a data sucking giant that’s in every corner of the globe. Facebook started by targeting students at specific schools. Not all schools – only colleges. Not all colleges, only certain ones.

From there, they never looked back.

Pinterest didn’t start out as it’s own network for referring business to other places. They started by trying to get traffic. They tapped into Google SEO and the rest is history.

Dropbox sucked at getting customers through paid ads and SEO wasn’t working for them. They turned to their now iconic referral program and grew by millions of users within a few short months.

LinkedIn grew because they focused on a specific group of people. The movers and shakers in tech and everyone else in that world followed. Today, it’s owned by Microsoft and is THE place to be for professional connections.

As you can see, the distribution channel for every business is different. If you spread yourself to thin, you’ll get poor results. Choose a platform/method, test it, and move on to the next one.

Don’t try more than three at any given time. Once you find a winner, scale up until there’s nothing left (by that time you may not be a small business anymore).

2. Customer Service and Customer Success

I was chatting with a potential customer for my company yesterday. He was brand new to online business and was looking for software to help him out.

So we talked about our software for a bit and the conversation shifted to where he was, his goals, and why he’d jumped into Ecommerce.

From what he told me, I knew exactly how to position our product so he’d be more than happy to buy it. The thing is, he wouldn’t get the value he needed from it.

I would’ve added a few more dollars to our income but he’d feel like the product sucked. He wouldn’t be successful. We wouldn’t be successful.

Customer service is more than handling returns or issuing refunds. It’s about helping your customers/clients achieve the job they hired you for. It’s like helping them get to their pot of gold at the end of their rainbow.

A well known company that champions customer service is Zappos. You can return shoes for any reason. Where most companies limit you to thirty days or something – they allow you to return shoes over the course of a year.

Their longest customer service call lasted for 10 hours and 43 minutes. That’s longer than the average shift.

Was the employe reprimanded for not ending the call? No, they were praised for it.

It’s strange to think of this as a marketing strategy, but look at it like this. How do you encourage word of mouth, the most powerful form of marketing? It’s simple, you be awesome.

The next question is how do you be awesome?

That’s also simple, you make your customers awesome. That’s done through a solid product and impeccable customer service.

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